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Sometimes it's the little "insignificant" things

When I talk to others about unschooling I feel they miss the point of how the insignificant little are actually the big things.

It's pretty exciting not to have to do all those little things anymore. And people (probably) see them as "insignificant" because they either haven't experienced the removal of such things, or they are unable to understand that they way of the current world is damaging to so many of us.

One such simple example is the morning rush, traffic and getting to school on time, or face being scolded or shamed as a parent and a child.

That no longer exists in our life.

Another example is term time holidays. No permission from school is needed. And there are no school fines to worry about.

This no longer exists in our life.

Or perhaps it's the pressure to do the expected things. We must do the handwriting! We must do the spelling! We must do the maths! And the homework!

This no longer exists in our life.

These are the "little insignificant things".

Insignificant to you. To society. But to us, they are massive, especially in accumulation.

It's like being slowly killed by 1000 paper cuts. Or realising we are the boiling frog. We accept and put up with things without realising the damage it causes us.

And it's only when we look back in years that we realise that, holy cow, we can't believe we had to put up with all those things that actually cause us anxiety.

These are not "little insignificant things".

These are our basic human rights that are being stripped from us. These things shape us, for better and, unfortunately, often for worse.

So, our unschooling days are about optimising our lives. We remove the multiple little things that stress us out and see how we feel about it. And then we look for things to replace them with, if anything at all.

What we remove may not be what you remove, and that's the beauty of it.

I hope you try it one day. ❤️

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