Latest Posts

  • Alphabet Pages Printable

    I wanted to create a simplistic display of the alphabet that I could just print out and have around (on tables or the wall).

  • Telling the Time Digitally

    I created this for my son to help him understand a 24 hour digital clock.  It seemed to really help him make sense of the time after midday and it didn’t take him long once he practiced.

  • 1cm Grid/Graph Paper

    It’s always useful to have graph paper to hand, but if you don’t, here is the next best thing!

  • Back to basics with this blog

    I’ve been going in roundabouts with this website and much of my life, trying to sort things out.

  • First Hundred Fry Words - Starter Words To Practice Reading & Writing

    I’m on a mission to getting my son doing some deliberate writing practice.  He doesn’t jump to write at the moment, but when nudged he is happy to do some writing. I feel getting started with writing needs specific prompts and how to’s to help build up confidence.