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Learning to type can be an entry point to our children's minds

Unschooling is such a fascinating journey.

We make things up as we go.

We spend more time together than most.

We are forever juggling every aspect of life.

We stress. We celebrate.

We live in awe of each other.

We consume and process what is around us.

Learning happens when opportunities arise.

My 8-year-old wanted to learn to type. She borrowed my laptop, and this is what she wrote.

The power of unschooling (we spend a lot of time together whilst I juggle work) means she knows things without me having to tell her directly. She learns by living and observing the life we have.

My work is community building. My love and life is my family. I've never directly said this to her. But she knows it through how we do and live. She has eagle ears. She looks at things I write. Has a peek at the books I read.

She processes the world around her and these words are small windows of insight into what goes inside her mind. I feel more confident that I'm doing a good job parenting. She knows the love I have for her and the work I do that provides for us.

She wants to be a bit like me. She sees me writing and wants to write herself. She tells me that Peppa Pig's mother is a writer too. She has expressed the desire to write stories herself.

And that's what she did. After those initial words, she went on to write a story.

Without diving deeper, some will see this as a simple how to learn how to type project. The truth is that by observing, there is so much we can learn from each other.

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