Limiting Tech for Kids

Tech and food have to be the biggest areas that cause debate (and tensions!) within the unschooling world. It’s also interesting to note that those that create the tech often seem to limit it greatly with their children. Here it mentions the Gate’s and Zuckerberg’s massively limit (or plan to) the tech for their kids.  It … [Read more…]


One of the greatest things about unschooling is the ability to witness your life and connections around you. The love, the learning, the reality, the growth, the good times and the god awful bad times. This is how people grow into well balanced human beings. The more we unschool, the more I want to be … [Read more…]

The Cognition Crisis

Anxiety. Depression. ADHD. Dementia. The human brain is in trouble. Technology is a cause — and a solution. Our lives on this planet have improved in so many amazing ways over the last century. On average, we are now healthier, more affluent and literate, less violent and longer living. Despite these unprecedented positive changes, clear … [Read more…]