Symmetry Activity Worksheets

Symmetry Worksheets - Lego, Minecraft, GeometryI hunted down images that could be used for practical symmetry activities and I came up with this.  52 pages of symmetrical worksheet activities to challenge your kids!

From letters, to Lego, to Minecraft to geometry and various random other images…hopefully there is something for everyone here.

Download PDF (52 pages)

Or view the images below.


Mr Men & Little Miss Election Voting Slip

I was accompanied by my 3 year old when I went to the recent European elections to place my vote.  We were given our slips to place our x’s.  My son looked sad when he didn’t get one.  I asked the people working there if he could have a piece of paper to use to pretend to vote, but they didn’t have that either.

Now I felt sad for my son!

It made me think that it would be kind of cool if they could include kids in these important tasks.  Get them introduced to the idea of voting and what it is all about.  So I’ve created my own election voting slip that anyone can print out and use.

There is a blank election voting slip, but there is also a very Mr Men & Little Miss voting slip too.  Who would your kids vote for? :)

Download PDFs: Mr Men & Little Miss Election Voting Slip / Template Voting Slip



Duplo Lego Fractions

We can visually teach our kids alot about concepts of maths.  They won’t know that it’s called fractions.  Nor will they know the rules about adding/subtracting with common denominators.

They can understand that many parts can make one.  This is just one example – a lego duplo train.  Each train is the same size, but made up of different parts.

2014-04-09 19.31.22-2

Minecraft Sword and Axe Symmetry Activity

My boys are Minecraft mad.  As a result I’ve developed a strong interest in pixel art.  I’m learning and figuring out how to create things related to maths.  These are a Minecraft sword and axe picture along with a symmetrical activity to try.

Free Play with Cuisenaire Rods

A table with different rods

I’m learning about teaching maths through Cuisenaire Rods.  I learn by doing and publishing, I find it helps my thought processes.  Expect a series on this!

It doesn’t get easier than this. Get a set of Cuisenaire rods out and start playing with them.  If the kids don’t play, then start creating something yourself and watch how their eyes look over your shoulders with eagerness to get involved. This activity is about exploring, being creative and becoming familiar with the rods. What kind of things can you do?

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Lego Face Collection


A collection of lego faces all in various formats – black/white, colour, dotted. View images below or download the full PDF.