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  • Minecraft Sword and Axe Symmetry Activity

    My boys are Minecraft mad.  As a result I’ve developed a strong interest in pixel art.  I’m learning and figuring out how to create things related to maths.  These are a Minecraft sword and axe picture along with a symmetrical activity to try.

  • Free Play with Cuisenaire Rods

    I’m learning about teaching maths through Cuisenaire Rods.  I learn by doing and publishing, I find it helps my thought processes.  Expect a series on this!

  • Lego Face Collection

    A collection of lego faces all in various formats - black/white, colour, dotted. View images below or download the full PDF.

  • Minecraft Snowflakes

    My boys are Minecraft mad. It’s December. I looked for some Minecraft snowflake templates and couldn’t find any.  So I created some.  This is how they came out.

  • Draw A Mouse - Part 2

    Yesterday I published the process of drawing a mouse.  You are lucky enough to get another pose of a mouse today!