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  • Tracing and Colouring In Letters

  • Symmetry Activity Worksheets

    Symmetry Worksheets - Lego, Minecraft, GeometryI hunted down images that could be used for practical symmetry activities and I came up with this.  52 pages of symmetrical worksheet activities to challenge your kids!

  • Mr Men & Little Miss Election Voting Slip

    I was accompanied by my 3 year old when I went to the recent European elections to place my vote.  We were given our slips to place our x’s.  My son looked sad when he didn’t get one.  I asked the people working there if he could have a piece of paper to use to pretend to vote, but they didn’t have that either.

  • Teaching Numbers with Duplo Lego

    Here’s a number chart made with Duplo Lego.  A simple idea to teach numbers, counting and even colours in a visual way.

  • Duplo Lego Fractions

    We can visually teach our kids alot about concepts of maths.  They won’t know that it’s called fractions.  Nor will they know the rules about adding/subtracting with common denominators.