Messy Maths - Exploring Graph Paper - Lesson 1

November 9, 2019

So here's my idea. In the years of home education, the path to learn maths and what we should learn is somewhat overwhelming. I'd like to tackle that in a minimalistic kind of way.

No expensive curriculum. Just some activities online to inspire and some simple tools like rulers, compasses and (graph) paper.

This is lesson 1!

What you need:

  • graph paper
  • tools of your choice - ruler, compass, stencils, pen, pencils, crayons


  • Take some time to explore graph paper.
  • User rulers. Compasses. Pens. Pencils. Crayons.
  • Follow your child's interest and think of helping recreate the things they love
  • If they feel unsure, work with them or do your own version along side to help inspire them. Allow them to look over your shoulder.
  • Think of words you can use: long, longer, short, shorter, big, bigger, small, smaller, how many, more, less

Questions you could ask:

  • how many of these did you make?
  • how many in total?
  • what and how many colors were used?
  • what are the names of the colors?
  • This is big, is it the biggest?
  • This is small, is it the smallest?
  • What's the smallest thing you can draw? (Think shapes too squares, triangles, circles)
  • What's the biggest thing you can draw?
  • What items are the same?
  • Is there anything that you can group?
  • how many squares in that shape that you drew?
  • do you know how to draw a line through this?
  • can you draw a line through a this point?
  • can you connect these two dots?
  • can you connect these three dots?
  • what can we turn this circle into?

The image below is to help you brainstorm ideas.

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