Handmade Sewing Activities

October 6, 2019

There's a lot of beauty in the simple use of sewing as an activity and you don't really need to know a thing about it to help your child get the benefits from it.

Sewing has always been a favourite activity at my children's Montessori nursery, which has led me to explore ways of encouraging to do it at home.

This activity is focused on safe activities for little ones. You can relax as no sharp needles are involved! You can also feel a bit better for the environment as you can buy blunt needles that are not made of plastic. They are typically used for things like cross stitch, but are also perfect for any child to use.

It's great for..

  • concentration + focus
  • finger/hand eye coordination

What you need

Start simple

When pre-school aged children do activities, it's mostly about the process of making that is important, rather than the outcome. When they make things they are practicing skills to help them develop their physical and concentration ability. And sure, if they make something they are proud of, that's great, but that shouldn't really be the goal at this age. The goal is practicing their focus and finger skills.

These activities can be started from around 18 months and could go up to any age you want, but I guess up until around age 6. Honestly, there is no age limit as long as your child enjoys it.

For 18 months you can use a blunt needle, but you may want to really think about simplifying the design as much as possible. It will be a hard task that requires a lot of concentration. To start consider simply punching one hole into a small circle so that they don't get overwhelmed.

Do it by hand

There's no printable for this, but I will provide a few photos and a table as a guide for ideas. To me it doesn't make sense to print this out. The shapes are simple enough to be drawn yourself. There are two main ways you can approach it.

  • The holes within: cut out shapes and place holes at random or strategic locations.
  • The holes on the lines: cut out square type pieces and draw a shape or picture within them, then make holes on the line.

[add photos and table of ideas]

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