I’m on a mission to getting my son doing some deliberate writing practice.  He doesn’t jump to write at the moment, but when nudged he is happy to do some writing. I feel getting started with writing needs specific prompts and how to’s to help build up confidence.

As busy parents it is all too easy to not spend that time helping write words letter by letter, so I’m trying to find ways to create a process for him to do things independently.

So I created a print out based on Fry’s first hundred words.

One Page Printable Fry Words -  First Hundred

One Page Printable Fry Words -  First Hundred I created all the words onto a one page printable. Simple and to the point.

Download One Page First Hundred Words (PDF)

Bigger Print Fry Words - First Hundred

I created some that are big enough to print and cut out individually.  I’ve personally put these into a jam jar so that they can easily be dipped into and written out in small ‘bite size’ actions.

The small bite size version, I believe, helps in not overwhelming the child.  They can sit and focus on one word at a time and can easily stop or continue as long as they like.  They could either do this on small bits of paper or perhaps dedicate a notebook specifically to the cause.

Bigger Print Fry Words - First Hundred 

Download Bigger Print Version (PDF)