Unschooling Is A Choice

Here’s the deal. Unschooling is a choice. At least in the UK we have the option to educate our kids from home. Some countries don’t. So from my perspective it is a choice. It’s a lifestyle choice that needs people to think differently. We’re so accustomed to how we should be living that we forget … [Read more…]

Progress On Unschooling

I love this Beginners Guide To Unschooling.  I identify with it so much. So, so much. I can’t help but look at myself when I think of school.  The way I’ve muddled my way through life and work.  It’s had nothing to do with formal education.  It’s been me trying stuff out. Learning as I … [Read more…]

On Running

Today I ran. Third time I’ve done so in a week.  Seriously just small bits here, no marathons yet.   I suffer from SPD which hasn’t fully gone away since having Codie.  My hips hurt. Chronic pain for the past 2+ years.  Now is the time to sort it out with exercise + diet + … [Read more…]

Practicing to say ‘Yes’. And ‘No’

I’m becoming more conscious of saying Yes and No. In work life I am saying no more often.  Focusing on the work that I feel makes me happy-er. In my family life I am saying ‘yes’, ‘sure’ & ‘why not’, sometimes with a happy and surprised face from my boys 🙂 It feels good!