What About Reading?

Aaron loves to read.  I can’t stop him.  I thought I’d look back at what he has been reading since he started unschooling (in February). These are books that we have checked out of the library.  I believe he has read a good 90% of these.  This does not include the 20-30 books we have … [Read more…]

We All Have Important Work To Do

My youngest (2.5 yrs old) started at a local Montessori Nursery recently.  It’s great to see him becoming more independent. He now talks to us proudly about doing his ‘work’. He says, ‘I want to go to nursery to do my work’.  It’s very cute to hear, but I think there is an underlining importance … [Read more…]

Small Changes

There’s alot of adapting going on at the momemt. Ben has only recently started homeschooling (July or September if we go by the academic year).  We went on a 5 week trip to California.  We’ve been back 24 days.  The first couple of weeks were hard to get back into things. We had jet lag. … [Read more…]

Educational Conversations

I find that the most thoughtful and educational conversations happen in the car.  Typically on a journey of 10+ minutes. It might sound strange at first, but in reality I think it makes total sense.  At least for those that don’t have TVs or gadgets in the car.  When driving you have nothing else to … [Read more…]

Guides For Home Schooling Children

I came across this post about a family looking for guides for their new to homeschooling children. It’s an interesting angle, and certainly something that appeals to me.  Rather than having a tutor for a very specific subject, it makes sense to have someone (who is not the parent) to guide your kids along the … [Read more…]

New Things Recently

Some things we’ve been up to: They’re back from Scotland and are tired out! We’ve made some stamps – I’d like to do more of this. Including printing on tshirts. Aaron continues to be Beano mad, it seems to be rubbing off on Ben as he has started to read more of the annuals and … [Read more…]

Following Interests

I’m doing my best to follow the interests of my boys. This week it has just been Codie and myself hanging out.  It’s been quite chilled and I’ve made a point of not doing much.  I’ve concluded that life with one child is quite easy! He’s been quite into Play Doh and painting recently.  I … [Read more…]