On Running

Today I ran. Third time I’ve done so in a week.  Seriously just small bits here, no marathons yet.   I suffer from SPD which hasn’t fully gone away since having Codie.  My hips hurt. Chronic pain for the past 2+ years.  Now is the time to sort it out with exercise + diet + … [Read more…]

Practicing to say ‘Yes’. And ‘No’

I’m becoming more conscious of saying Yes and No. In work life I am saying no more often.  Focusing on the work that I feel makes me happy-er. In my family life I am saying ‘yes’, ‘sure’ & ‘why not’, sometimes with a happy and surprised face from my boys 🙂 It feels good!

On Finding That Balance

I’m homeschooling / unschooling Aaron.  He has a brother, Ben, 18 months younger than him and he goes to school.   The thing is that he seems quite happy with school, I feel like right now school suits Ben’s learning and social style.  It’s not perfect, but good enough. Ben likes to be around people … [Read more…]

PE Unschool Style

Everyday we don’t have something planned outside we head out for around an hour to do exercise. At the moment this includes tennis, table tennis and cycling. We are lucky to be able to do all of this on our doorstep – we have a nice park just a small block away. This is actually … [Read more…]

The Rise Of The Artist

This is cool.  Do check it out.  The Rise of the Artist at DeviantArt. I’m personally learning to do draw this year, a lot of it in a digital sense with my iPad.  I find it helps me visualising and sharing my ideas.  I’ve also started doing kiddy related drawings over at Messy Times. I’m enjoying … [Read more…]

First Day

Today was the first day of unschooling. I first had to drop Ben off at his first day of school.  He looked terrified.  Fortunately he was happy and smiling when I picked him up at the end of the day.  He had a good time. Phew! We got lots done with Aaron. Exponents He showed … [Read more…]