I realise what I’ve been doing recently is slowly unsubscribing ourselves from *things*.  Really this is unschooling ourselves as a family from everything that we don’t need, but I kind of like the term unsubscribing.  Maybe more people will understand what I mean when I use this term. As a society we are overwhelmed.  There … [Read more…]

Playground Fitness

[I published this last year on another blog, but have been doing some tidying up and feel it is better placed here]. I’m a mother of 3 boys, currently aged 2, 8 and 10.  I now home school them too.  This means my personal free time is usually very limited – this doesn’t stop me … [Read more…]

Things We Do: Pair Programming

My boys love computers, but my eldest is also keen on taking it further.  He’s been working through the Khan Academy programming course.  He gets stuck quite alot, so what we’ve started to do is work through the problems and activities together – also known as pair programming. Last week we hooked his computer to … [Read more…]

Unschooling – uneverything-ing

The more I am homeschooling in an unschooling way, the more I find that it’s really not just about unschooling. It’s about applying the unschooling ehtos to every part of our life. I do not know what the right word is for this. Hence the use of ‘uneverythinging’.  That sounds so wrong! I’ve been trying … [Read more…]

The Maths Approach

I’ve been experimenting with how to approach maths with my boys and to be honest none of them have stuck.  Often they would get on with what I had challenged with them, but there was something really niggling at me that it just didn’t feel right.  I’ve tried books. I’ve tried a couple of online … [Read more…]

What About Reading?

Aaron loves to read.  I can’t stop him.  I thought I’d look back at what he has been reading since he started unschooling (in February). These are books that we have checked out of the library.  I believe he has read a good 90% of these.  This does not include the 20-30 books we have … [Read more…]

We All Have Important Work To Do

My youngest (2.5 yrs old) started at a local Montessori Nursery recently.  It’s great to see him becoming more independent. He now talks to us proudly about doing his ‘work’. He says, ‘I want to go to nursery to do my work’.  It’s very cute to hear, but I think there is an underlining importance … [Read more…]

Small Changes

There’s alot of adapting going on at the momemt. Ben has only recently started homeschooling (July or September if we go by the academic year).  We went on a 5 week trip to California.  We’ve been back 24 days.  The first couple of weeks were hard to get back into things. We had jet lag. … [Read more…]