Just A Little Bit Of Christmas

We’re entering our 4th year of not celebrating Christmas.  Our 6 year old has never really experienced the whole celebrating Christmas thing, or he did but he was just too young to remember. He asked me yesterday if we could do Christmas this year because he doesn’t really know what it feels like.  I love … [Read more…]

The Environment Is So Important

It is easy to underestimate how much of an impact the surrounding environment can have on someone. Some are: fine in a school environment thrive in structure, or no structure happy around strangers happy outdoors love being indoors To expect that every child, or human being, should be ok in a ‘template’ environment is crazy … [Read more…]

Unschooling Requires Lifestyle Changes

A recurrence in my mind and in discussions with other people is how to practically adopt unschooling.  Many people seem to understand the reasoning and logic behind it, but the changes to make it happen are so big that they just can’t really comprehend how to do it. This is a challenge to the unschooling … [Read more…]

Visualising our routine

The beauty about unschooling is that we all do things differently.  Often muddling our way through stuff, figuring stuff out and trying to find a balance of what works for us as a family. I often get asked how we actually do things on a day to day basis.  So I thought I would try … [Read more…]

I Love It When…

I love it when… My almost 2 year old… gives me hugs when she hasn’t seen me for a while potters about the house, exploring and doing stuff bosses her big brothers and her parents about asks me to hold her hand so she can ‘show you’ stuff does all the girly stuff that I’m … [Read more…]

I hope.

I hope my children will grow into adults we are proud of. I hope they will develop and share good values to live by. I trust they will show compassion and respect to others around them. I hope we will teach them well and they develop a long term trust within us. I hope they will know … [Read more…]

Developing Routines

Sometimes people think unschooling is a bit of a free for all.  Let’s do what we want! Anytime! Anywhere! Of course, it may work for some, but most definitely not for us.  I mean, don’t we all have our routines and things we would really like to be a certain way?  And don’t these things … [Read more…]

Not Back To School

As each year passes, the school time tables become less significant. This summer has been good to us.  We’ve mostly been relaxed. Not committing ourselves to many things.  Just hanging out. Enjoying the nice weather we’ve had here. We spent a lot of time in the garden.  The simple pleasures of life.  I keep getting … [Read more…]