What If School Didn’t Exist?

This is kind of following on from my previous post about what the heck is unschooling as I try to explain what unschooling is.  Or at least, what it means to us. (If I explain what it means to us then no one can say I’m wrong!) One way that I’ve started explaining unschooling recently is to … [Read more…]

My Standard Responses…

It’s interesting being an unschooler. People who know nothing about it ask some questions that I’ve often become bored of answering. My standard snarky response these days don’t normally happen in real life. Mostly I bite my tongue and think these things to myself 🙂 Noob asks me: “Don’t you worry about socialisation?” I say: “Why … [Read more…]

The Media Is Not Our World

The video below struck a chord with me. We live in a world of media and the government trying to tell us what our world. What we should do. How we should behave. What is right or wrong. If we don’t do as expected we are often hunted. Looked down upon or in disbelief. Consider … [Read more…]

Being Acutely Aware In Unschooling

Unschooling, free range learning, child led learning.  Whatever you may call it.  Well, it’s really not rocket science.  Yet, all too often, it seems to baffle people. The bestest thing ever about unschooling is that we keep things simple.  Do what feels right.  Follow our feelings, interests and where the fun is. Of course there … [Read more…]