Puzzles ftw

I love puzzles and have spent a fair good chunk of money on them. I really believe they help develop the mind and concentration. I often swap them around to give variety to the little ones. Eloise has become a bit of a whiz at them. Here she is doing a puzzle on a girls … [Read more…]

Questioning All The Things

Every once in a while, though these days it is more often than ‘once in a while’ – it feels more like on a monthly basis, we look at ourselves and question all the things we are doing. Usually for me, this involves bringing up the whole thing of education, or what others tend to … [Read more…]

It’s Not Always Hunky Dory

Sometimes there are things that I want to say, but as my older kids are getting older (12 & 14)  I feel like protecting their privacy a bit more. I know many people look at us in awe.  How amazing we must be to be doing the things we are doing. Unschooling. Running a business. … [Read more…]

Just A Little Bit Of Christmas

We’re entering our 4th year of not celebrating Christmas.  Our 6 year old has never really experienced the whole celebrating Christmas thing, or he did but he was just too young to remember. He asked me yesterday if we could do Christmas this year because he doesn’t really know what it feels like.  I love … [Read more…]

The Environment Is So Important

It is easy to underestimate how much of an impact the surrounding environment can have on someone. Some are: fine in a school environment thrive in structure, or no structure happy around strangers happy outdoors love being indoors To expect that every child, or human being, should be ok in a ‘template’ environment is crazy … [Read more…]