The Cognition Crisis

Anxiety. Depression. ADHD. Dementia. The human brain is in trouble. Technology is a cause — and a solution. Our lives on this planet have improved in so many amazing ways over the last century. On average, we are now healthier, more affluent and literate, less violent and longer living. Despite these unprecedented positive changes, clear … [Read more…]

Blessing of a chilled out baby

I always think I’ll be able to remember how it was.  But as I’m increasingly becoming aware, our memory fails us. Right now I’m feeling blessed with the fact that Piper is so chilled out.  It’s almost midnight and she is still up, but she slept most of the day until 4pm-ish.  She was up … [Read more…]

Puzzles ftw

I love puzzles and have spent a fair good chunk of money on them. I really believe they help develop the mind and concentration. I often swap them around to give variety to the little ones. Eloise has become a bit of a whiz at them. Here she is doing a puzzle on a girls … [Read more…]