1. Forest

    Same with our family.
    I drove and drove on these intense Florida highways.
    My daughter tried to go along, and did for a few years. Mall walks, rock-climbing, parks. Then I stopped encouraging when it became clear my daughter wanted to be home building a computer system and attending a few dance classes a week.
    Much happier and relaxed.
    Wish I had made the decision earlier.

  2. Chrissie

    I am going back and forth, back and forth with the idea of “unschooling” my kids. This is our first year of homeschooling and, I must say, we have some pretty grueling days. But, everyday I question what I’m doing. Should I be giving them a formal education at home or not? More and more it is looking like I should not. My kids are the kind that, if given space and opportunity, they will usually pick up something they like to do…and, no, this doesn’t always involve playing a video game. But, just when I think I will take the plunge and begin deschooling them, the doubts come parading into my head like a REALLY LOUD and off-key high school marching band! These thoughts scream at me, “What are you doing? What’s going to happen to them when/if they decide they want to go to college? How will they learn the things they need to pass tests? How will they complete the educational guidelines the world has laid out for them to keep them from falling behind, meeting life’s challenges, getting a JOB?? I hope that this journey of guessing, doubting, trying, then abruptly ending projects and activities comes to an end soon. It is pure misery. If I can be happy and secure in the choices I make to school my kids, won’t my children follow suit? By the way, thank you for the article. Anything can be picked up, looked at and studied from all different angles, allowing us to come to our own unique conclusions! 🙂

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