Teachers of Today

The teachers of today have changed. Teachers are everywhere in every form.  Teachers are not just those people found in schools, colleges and universities.  I encourage you to look around and find the teachers that exist within our world. I am a teacher. I teach my boys about life.  How to live according to how … [Read more…]


I realise what I’ve been doing recently is slowly unsubscribing ourselves from *things*.  Really this is unschooling ourselves as a family from everything that we don’t need, but I kind of like the term unsubscribing.  Maybe more people will understand what I mean when I use this term. As a society we are overwhelmed.  There … [Read more…]

Playground Fitness

[I published this last year on another blog, but have been doing some tidying up and feel it is better placed here]. I’m a mother of 3 boys, currently aged 2, 8 and 10.  I now home school them too.  This means my personal free time is usually very limited – this doesn’t stop me … [Read more…]